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The Highway 64 Study (the “Study”) will evaluate potential improvements to the State Highway System in and surrounding downtown Fort Smith. The Study will evaluate the feasibility of alternate improvement scenarios for improving system efficiency - including the potential construction of a new Highway 64 river crossing. Recommendations will aim to reduce the negative impacts of large trucks traveling through downtown and to ease conflicts between trucks and other travel movements. The Study will consider “no-build” and bypass alternatives for their ability to produce safety and connectivity benefits throughout the day, and to reduce traffic congestion impacts during peak travel periods. The Study will analyze the current year (2022) and design year (2045) for each alternative.


The Highway 64 Study goals align with those contained within the Arkansas State-wide Long Range Intermodal Transportation Plan.  Study goals include the following:

  • SAFETY​​ AND SECURITY - To achieve a significant reduction in traffic fatalities and serious injuries on all public roads​​.

  • MOBILITY AND SYSTEM RELIABILITY - To establish an efficient and consistent system of public roads.

  • INFRASTRUCTURE CONDITION - To maintain the highway infrastructure asset system in a state of good repair​​.

  • MULTIMODAL TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM - To improve the efficiency of the surface transportation system.​

  • ECONOMIC COMPETITIVENESS - To improve the national freight network, strengthen the ability of rural communities to access national and international trade markets, and support regional economic development.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY - To enhance the performance of the transportation system while protecting and enhancing the natural environment.


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